1. Prompt for whatever day it was; REMEMBRANCE. That was apt.


  2. Yesterday’s prompt, SPEED.


  3. Today’s prompt is BOOK OF BEASTS. Basilisk, with a hint of catfish.


  4. Promptless. I am without prompt. Here is a cicada wing I found in my garden.


  5. Prompt for today is RAINBOW. Smile, dearie! Sod off.


  6. Prompt for today is KAFKAESQUE. Yeah, I only know the one with the giant bug. Poor Gregor, pass the rolled up newspaper.


  7. Prompt for today is STASH. Not so long ago, the word stash would not have resulted in thoughts of yarn. Or Gollum, for that matter. OH INTERNET, WHAT HAST THOU WROUGHT?
    Straggling in from last year. Prompt is COFFEE. Righto then. Caffiene administered to brain via optic nerve at light speed, bird's nest at suitably rakish angle, ciggie clamped in gob. Good to go.